Molí de Sotorres is located 4,35 mi. from Horta de Sant Joan, 43,11 mi. is a forest track leading to the house. The home is supplied with alternative energy, with a solar panel and generator.

It has a total capacity of 8 people. From the outside, it is entered at an intermediate level where there is a wide room with the kitchen, the dining room and the living room with a large fireplace.

From great room floor there is access to the other two levels. Upstairs, there are a living room with large view windows, a complete bath, and two bedrooms for two.

Downstairs, there is also an outer access to the house. Here is a space that once was the ancient milling room with the recovered mechanisms of the mill. We have improved the area with a very large table and a great barbecue that is ideal for cooking meats and paellas, a little kitchen and a toilette.

History off the Molí de Sotorres

The Sotorres mill is an antique flour mill; the first part of its construction dates from the 12thcentury and the later parts from the 18th century. Its name, Sotorres, is linked to the name of a former owner.

The mill was in use until the 1940s and then was closed, as revenues dropped so low that it was no longer financially sustainable.

From that time on, the building and the surroundings began to slowly deteriorate until we acquired the property in 1988 and began a careful and detailed restoration, not only of the old mill building itself but also of its surroundings. We kept those elements which were still in good shape and replaced those which needed to be replaced with the same noble materials. This thoughtful and tasteful restoration has given the site its distinctive character – at once rustic and comfortable.